About Caebit
The Caebit Staff is formed by a group of young researchers with different and synergic technological know-how: civil and architecture engineering, computing, automation and architecture, the last mainly oriented to energy saving and bio-environment. Click here for more information

Caebit System
The new patented CAEBIT technologies, exploiting physics principles, unknown in the field until now, formed a real and right prospect change in perspective. Such technologies allowed brand new applications, utilizing thermodynamic changing process among fluids. Click here for more informations

Results of excellence for health and the environment
Caebit systems allow the construction of a building totally passive reducing energy needs. Click here for more informations

About us
The Caebit (Clean Alternative Energy & Building Innovation Technology) is a company that conducts research and technological development in the industry of construction and energy. The Caebit research activity is not only focused on increasing productivity and competing in an continuously evolving global market, as a matter of facts its main objective consists in putting on top of all company processes and dynamics the development of innovative technologies characterized by high standards of energy efficiency. Click here for more informations.

Our patented technologies
Caebit has developed a series of innovative products, obtaining several patents that deeply modify the construction sector. Click here for more informations.