Caebit has invented a new heating system through the study of a method used by ancient Romans in the thermal baths. The new technology protects health and avoids allergies, influenzas, indisposition at the respiratory organs. Besides, thank to the low consumption, protects enviroment, even.

Heating and allergies are a typical problem of traditional heatingsystems: in fact, warming up central heating at high temperatures or putting warm air in the rooms(in the case of convector heaters), the last one, which goes up, gets up dust and microorganisms lying that are on the floor up. This way, every day, we can inhale substances that, very often,can cause serious circulator indispositions and allergies very often.

Even he who is not allergic in pollens or natural organisms may swallow flatting particles which are detached from the parquet, a step after step. So many winter colds don’t come from rigid outside temperatures, but by the mucous nose membranes which become inflamed because of these particles and close nostrils.

However, Caebit has discovered a right method of a wall and floor heating. In fact, even in buildings are thermically insulated for the most part, cold arrives through the walling facing outside and these, in theirs turn, lowed the temperature of internal walls cooling the rooms. Putting some circulatory systems of fluids (air and water) inside the air spaces between internal and outside walling, and under the floor, it is possible to form a real protective membrane wich, in the same time, winds the apartment heating and insulating it in the same time.

The system of autonomous heating is applicable in a house under construction or to be restructured. This is a good way to solve the problems of people with respiratory allergies in their family.