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Mission and values

The Caebit (Clean Alternative Energy & Building Innovation Technology) is a company that conducts research and technological development in the industry of construction and energy.

The Caebit research activity is not only focused on increasing productivity and competing in an continuously evolving global market, as a matter of facts its main objective consists in putting on top of all company processes and dynamics the development of innovative technologies characterized by high standards of energy efficiency.

Caebit born from the idea of a new economic and socio-cultural model, where companies, through different management approaches, become the primary factor for a real change, with substantial effects on the entire society.

The new economic model

If companies, active in energy impact areas, can achieve the development of innovative technologies in their workplace, they can very likely make available more energy-efficient products, very probably at competitive prices.

The production process, of course, presupposes a constantly monitored projecting activity, throughout the whole development cycle, such to achieve the industrialization of a product with a environmental impact near to zero: the use of environment friendly and recyclable materials, the energy savings obtained through efficient technologies, the use of new and better renewable sources, replacing the outdated ones, enable us to avoid the emission of pollutant agents.

Households (consumers) in response to incentives, adopt new technologies benefiting from significant cost savings. Such savings easily generate a surplus of wealth and therefore a greater expenditure potential.

Companies generate more profits by increasing sales of products and services.

Given the expanding market based on the increased demand, such profits enable companies to increase the workforce. The role of Public Administration becomes more and more important, being held to incentive the production and dissemination of new respectful to the environment technologies (also able to punish, if it is the case, those who do not fit). In doing so, inter alia, the PA will be entitled in respecting the international treaties on air pollution.

On a national scale resulting: a reduction in unemployement, respect for international treaties in emissions through collaboration between public and private sector, a greater wealth of the whole country level GDP.

The Mission

It is precisely on this model, not influenced by the consolidated utilitarian and speculative logic, that Caebit founds its business concept, introducing on the market new technological solutions, determined to actively contribute, for its part, to attain a double change, at industrial and social level.

To achieve these goals, according to Caebit, the "Natural Protagonists" are the new generations, young people who are the driving force, the vital factor of all business processes.

And Caebit made the choice to be leader in every phases of the projecting and production path: the genesis of the idea, the accurate assessment of its impact at industrial and social level, the patent protection, the development, the prototyping, the pertinent engineering and, finally, the product placement on the market.

Caebit, born from a definite innovator will, is, therefore, a determined promoter, through the new generations, of an innovative economic model with which achieving an harmonious industrial/ environment balance.