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All the time, we have tried to adapt the natural environment to man’s life in many ways. Along time, in the phases of industrial development, the enviroment defence has been considered a secondary object compared to those assumed as first: the economic and social development. This way, the only achieved result is a blind use of the land, with a marked exploitation of many natural resources.

The necessity to spare the buildings energy consumption and improve the enviroment situation, in order to obey international dispositions and treaties, has got many companies to better define materials, technologies, projects.

Really, these attempts to solve the problems of energetic consumption rely on building techniques and know-projected choices, such as very thick brickworks, or on improvements of building heat-insulating material, such as alveolar bricks, expanded materials(among which oil products) and similar.

The new patented CAEBIT technologies, exploiting physics principles, unknown in the field until now, formed a real and right prospect change in perspective. Such technologies allowed brand new applications, utilizing thermodynamic changing process among fluids.

The derived products and services are directed to both public and private fields. Development, testing and production of all CAEBIT technologies have been financed directly by CAEBIT.