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Modello in 3d del sistema brevettato “Low energy consumption climate control system and method for the realization of high heat-sound insulation building”(numero di pubblicazione brevetto: WO  2009/016163 A1).

The realized buildings are wound by a kind of “protected membrane” based on the use of air space (space set between the exterior brickworks and the interior ones). Two components are: a detailed pipes system and a special insulating coal.

Such technologies are employed to carry out various functions: thermic and acoustic insulation through reflection, heating/cooling of the rooms, air-salubrity.

Practically, what is utilized in the spaces is a real and right circulatory system that, through the analysis of the climatic conditions (in and out) acts. The heating, got in the most inside space, is transferred into the rooms avoiding the energetic leakage outside the building.

This way, the result is a high grade of health with a homogeneity of temperature in all the volume.